The Strange Case of Arbuckle

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UFO Orb in the Storm

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Last night, a few members of HPI met at Deborah Baughman’s residence in Loomis Ca… The event: Recreate footage for a paranormal show called Paranormal Witness on Syfy… Although they didn’t quite “recreate” the events of the previous investigation, they certainly got more than they bargained for.

While in the master bedroom, I was filming with my Iphone4 camera… Rest assured, NO APPS were used! About halfway into the shoot, this HUGE and I MEAN HUGE orb entity swoops down from seemingly out of nowhere and ATTACKS me!

I was so startled by this that I let out an explative! It was the most incredible/scary event that I have ever encountered!

We really didn’t get much activity at the house… perhaps it was too cold out for the spirits? While in the barn, Chantal Apodaca and Cathy Faulk felt some movement on the old mattress they were sitting on… NO anomolies showed up on camera even though the barn was dusty…

It was a fun filled evening and I wish to personally thank Deborah and her husband for a wonderful time at their incredible ranch!

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HPI visits a local cemetary in Elk Grove At night:


A Tale Of Two Investigations

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Location: Davis- DQ University Time: 7PM Date: November 13th 2010:
It is Saturday and I am on a mission- this time to an old army barracks that is now the home of DQ university an Indian tribal university… I load up my brown bomber and head west towards Davis to first meet up with Rhonda  and her army of paranormal investigators at Starbucks. Everyone arrives and we set off on our journey to the unknown… And boy what a journey it was!  I chose to lead the caravan of 5 or so cars- what a mistake that was! I entrusted the directions to my Google GPS on my phone and needless to say, it took us on a wild goose chase… We literally passed that place at least 10 times before I finally broke down and called Paul Dale Roberts who was already at the location..

Finally we arrive and are greeted if that is the word one can use in a situation like this- by one of the tribe members. They are having a pow wow that night and no white men are allowed. So much for interacial tolerance…

We finally get up to the part of the compound (and thats what it really felt like to me- they felt like squatters at that place- no running water for the toilets, barely any electricity… One wonders if they really had the rights to be on this property!

We get to the part of the area that we are RESTRICTED to according to the Native American guy there and then are told that they do not want us there at all! I feel that they are hiding something going on and in one of the doorways I feel like I am grabbed from behind and pulled back. It wasn’t the wind because we were in a protected area…

Oh- did I mention that one of our team members Walter Recanos goes missing? We fear that something has happened to him in one of the old dilapidated buildings…  Finally he shows up after twenty minutes saying that he was just scoping out one of the barracks… I guess he blended in because he is Native American…

Finally after Paul decides that 10 minutes is not enough time to do an investigation he switches to plan B- The Town of Winters… I finally have a chance to use my new acquisition- a steady cam attachment for my camcorder and boy what a difference it made! (video will be posted soon)

We arrive in the town of Winters, about 7 miles away and decide to check out some of the local paranormal hotspots. We check the perimeters of a Steak house and then we walk down the main street and find an old bridge. This is where the real fun begins…

Immediately, Sensitive and senior team member Eileen Boetchler and I notice something at the end of the bridge. We, being the intrepid souls that we are, walk the spooky length of the bridge in the dark and almost instantly we feel waves of naseau and hot and cold areas even though it is a very windy night… Finally we reach an embankment and sense that something took place there recently. Paul comes to check out what we are looking at and decides to do an EVP session. He immediately picks up an EVP saying “Get off My” and later on gets on that sounds like murmuring.

We had more results than at the DQ University!

Needless to say, I was pretty tired at the end of our journey and I tell Rhonda Hall that I would rather not be in charge of directions for a road trip again… I load up my car and make my long way back home to Sacramento with the soothing sounds of smooth jazz to fill the unnerving  nighttime silence.

Hello world!

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